Seniors – Living at Home

Ask any senior where they would like to continue living and most will respond,  in my home.

Help for daily activites

Help for daily activites

Seniors want to remain in their own homes.  That could be the home they lived in all of their adult lives, it could be a home that they moved into after downsizing or it could be a suite in one of their children’s homes, or an assisted living complex that provides them with a lifestyle that most seniors would love to dream about.

Wherever that is, they call it home and most seniors plan on spending the last of their years, continuing with routines that they have enjoyed for many years.

This is great scenario, providing everything goes according to plan.   Seniors who are healthy and fit and stay engaged through  outside influences have a great chance of doing that.  Sadly when a spouse is lost, or chronic illness creeps in, life changing events occur more quickly than most seniors can adjust too.

Example:  Joesph and Julia got married and purchased their first home just before the first of their two children were born in the early 60’s.  They continued to live in the same home on the same street raising both children, who grew up and made lives in other far away places.  Joesph had a stroke  a year and a half ago and after recuperating from his stroke was discharged into a care center where he remains today. Julia no longer able to cope with being on her own was placed in an assisted living community with the hopes of her husband eventually joining her there.  Sadly that will not happen since Joseph needs long term care and the facility that Julia is in does not provide that specialized care.  Their adult children who are faced with all of these major life changing decisions, have now sold the family home. They are working towards having both Julia and Joesph in the same complex eventually.

There is no doubt that there is going to be a huge discussion with regards to continuing to live in your own home.  Of course it make sense, but seniors will not be able to do this unless they have help.  Families will need  have discussions with each other to see how they move forward.  They will  have to look  at all the possible alternative  solutions, what is available, the costs, the pros and cons of remaining at home, and if needed having private home care services come in on a regular basis.

Elizabeth Shewchuk is the founder and owner  of Daughter For A Day Seniors Care which provides in home non medical care to seniors. For more information please go to   Daughter For A Day Seniors Care




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