Moving My Mom Into Care

I have a client who has become a dear friend over the years of providing her mother with companionship and in home support.

Recently my client tripped while out walking and fell, breaking several bones in her body.  She is a resilient non complaining person, but she was in pain and it was hard to watch since she was further away than a daily visit could allow. She is also suffering from dementia, the stage at which she is in is not bad but as a result of her fall and complications she will be going to live in her home again.

She has two wonderful daughters who work full time and have busy lives, busy families and the this has taken a great toll on them, the stress levels have gone up, and there is more to do, phone calls to make, people to see, decisions to be made.

They are struggling with the fact that their mother now has to go into care, that she cannot be at home it would be dangerous for not only her but for those around her.

I have been thinking of ways to help them and to support them at this time, and there seems to be so little one can do.  I think the most important thing I can say or do, is to be there when the phone rings and they have a question, to listen, to find an answer for them when they ask a question.  To be supportive at every turn and bump in the road.   This is a very good post to read if you are struggling with making these decisions.  It is about one families journey and how they made the right choices, and yes the right choices are not always the easy choices or the one your mom or dad may agree with.

Elizabeth Shewchuk is a certified aging in place adviser CPCA, and a certified practical dementia expert and lives and works in North Vancouver.  She created Daughter For A Day Seniors Care  after her own family went through some difficult discussions and issues.

Look for further posts from Elizabeth,she is certainly making a new resolution to post regularly to her blog!


Daughter For A Day Seniors Care



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