Maybe Living at Home Is Not An Option

Maybe Living at Home is Not An Option

There is a lot of discussion going on these days as to whether seniors should continue living in their own homes or move into the numerous types of care that are available, and it is understandable  there are lots of decisions to be made.

But just maybe for some seniors living at home is not an option.  There are many reasons I can argue this and through my life, I have learned to find an option for every obstacle that presents itself.  So here goes , I am going to give you all the reasons why seniors should not continue to live at home.

  1.  They are alone, they have few to no friends so they are socially cut off.
  2.   Their families live in another province or state and they have no family near.
  3.   They are not capable of attending to life’s daily activities easily.
  4.   They have had an illness or have been hospitalized.
  5.   They have fallen and although they have not hurt themselves, they keep on falling and ending up at an emergency.
  6.    If you were to look into their refrigerator, they have very little nutritional food.
  7.    Their appearance is really going downhill fast, dirty clothing, unkempt hair, and this is reflected in their living surroundings.
  8.    Not managing their bills and finances.
  9.    May seem depressed or on anxiety medication.
  10.    They spend too much time going to the doctor or local clinic.

This list can go on and on almost forever, adult children who worry about their parents can add lots of other points to this.  You remember how I told you that I could give you a solution to each obstacle, I can and in every instant above the answer is simple.

The solution is in- home care.  It is simple and yes, although it costs money, but compared to living in care and the downside of living alone and struggling day after day, it is such a small price to pay.

You love your home it is where the memories are, you raised your family in it and now you want to stay put.  Hire in-home care.  It is the ultimate way that you can continue to live, healthily and happily and there is a lot less  worry for your children and family.

How much in home support do you need, well, as little, or as much as you want! Someone to check in with you daily to make sure you are okay, someone to pick you up if you need and help you do your grocery shopping, and plan some easy and nutritional meals.

That someone can even help with some premade meals, such a small price to pay for such wonderful value.

If you or your elderly parents needs someone to be a source of support, please visit us at Daughter For A Day where we will help you determine what you need and then easily give you a plan of action.

“Never believe  that a few caring people can’t change the world, for, indeed that’s all who ever have!”  Margaret Mead









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